Small Business Software to Help Your Business Grow

Running a small business requires great commitment. You’ll naturally devote a great amount of time and effort in the beginning, but even when you get to the point that you’ve established a customer base, and can start hiring more staff, the responsibilities keep growing in number. But the more your business grows, the more elements you’ll need to keep track of. Fortunately, software solutions can automate many of the most difficult or tedious tasks, so you can focus on the core aspects of your business. These are just a few types of software that you can use, to continue growing your business.

Asset Tracking

The last thing your business needs is to take on additional costs, for the constant repair or replacement of your equipment. Whether your employees need to check out camera kits, mobile devices, drones, or any other advanced or expensive technology, you need Asset Tracking Software to ensure you stay on top of it.

A reliable asset management solution makes it easy to book all of your equipment by simply scanning the barcodes. This automated process eliminates the need for time-consuming spreadsheets or paper documentation. Once assets are booked, the mobile app lets you track their location in real-time, so you’ll know when and where they’re being used. By requiring employees to digitally sign off on each piece of equipment they check out, you’ll also be able to easily track who’s using what. This visibility will greatly cut down on incidents of theft or misplaced assets.

An asset manager also makes upkeep easier since you can immediately flag faulty equipment with a description and photo. Automatic notifications to your maintenance team mean repairs are made faster, and you can track maintenance and inspection audits to easily learn the maintenance history of each item. Overall, an asset management system helps to improve scheduling, inventory management, and prolongs the life of your equipment.


Your customers are the most important asset for your business, and providing excellent customer service is one of the best ways to boost customer loyalty and retention. With workforce optimization and workforce management software, you can easily analyze your customer interactions and increase efficiency in your call center.

The agent experience is crucial to your contact center, especially considering the high rate of turnover in them. Agents who feel like their jobs are valuable will interact better with customers and be more motivated to find solutions. With the best tools, agents can communicate with customers across all digital channels while keeping track of all conversations through a unified desktop, significantly boosting employee performance.

Easy call recording options make quality management easier and enable your supervisors to coach agents more effectively. It can also help supervisors easily identify KPIs that need improving and take appropriate action. WFO software can even create better schedules for your agents by analyzing call volume and assigning agents appropriately.

OKR Software

Every business needs a reliable management framework, and objectives and key results have worked great for many successful companies including Google, Microsoft, Uber, and many more. Essentially, it’s a goal-setting framework based on two key elements, and it can be the glue that holds your entire organization together.

Objectives: These are your overall goals for your company. They should be easily understandable, and it’s best to focus on just a few at a time. An example could be to boost customer retention rates by 10% compared to the previous quarter. This objective would be shared with the entire company, but you’d likely have your contact center team focus on it the most.

Key Results: These are the metrics by which you measure progress toward your objectives. If after one month, you found your customer retention was up 3% compared to last quarter, you’d know you were well on your way toward your goal, but would need to work a little harder in the coming months.

OKR solutions let you easily communicate company goals with all departments, ensuring everyone is on the same page. This boosts transparency and employee engagement, which improves your chances of meeting your goals.