Shooting a Business Video? This Is What You Need to Prepare

A video is a powerful form of storytelling, and you can use it to boost your business in several ways. Whether you’re promoting an upcoming sale or explaining how to use your product or service, there are a few things to consider before you yell, “Action!”

Make a game plan.

Decisions, decisions. Are you going to hire professional help or go it alone? With today’s technology, practically anybody can shoot and edit a video on their own. If you have a cellphone to film with and a computer to edit on, you’re technically good to go. Is this going to be a one-time video, or will it be the first in a series? You might be better off hiring a videographer if you want to make a single, high-quality video. If you plan on making several, it may be worth it to buy your own equipment. You’ll also need to decide if you want to hire professional actors, employ friends, or act alone. Where will you film the video? Once you have an overall game plan, you can start preparing in earnest.

Content and Materials

Filming can take hours upon hours, especially if you don’t come to set prepared. Don’t wing it. Planning ahead of time will ensure a smoother shoot and more room for creativity at the moment. It would be best to write a script with your goal in mind and practice so you sound natural. Memorizing it word for word isn’t exactly necessary, but make sure you know all of your key points. Prepare any other visual materials you’d like to include, such as charts, diagrams, and other static graphics. Do you need any props? Making a storyboard can help you envision each shot of your video and ensure that you have all of the necessary materials.


If you’ve decided to invest in your own video equipment, there are a few necessities you’ll need:

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Microphones
  • Lighting equipment
  • Editing software

Some of this stuff doesn’t come cheap, but you don’t have to buy top-of-the-line equipment, either. You can probably find free editing software online. The camera will be the biggest budget item, so shop around and try to find some discounts if possible. You can buy a nice three-point lighting kit online or make a budget kit with some hardware store items. You’ll also need to get a decent mic or two, preferably lavalier (the small one that clips to your shirt). If your audio is bad, it doesn’t matter how good it looks — the video will be unwatchable. Investing in good equipment will ensure professional-looking videos. You want people to take you seriously, after all!


Your business or featured products may be the star of the video, but the right pair of dress pants can go a long way towards making a good impression. Studies have shown that dressing for success tends to lead to actual success. People are judgemental, whether we realize it or not, and we judge women the hardest. If you’re a woman in business, you probably already know this.

Even though you bring a lot more to the table than just your looks, people will take you more seriously, and you’ll feel more confident when wearing professional attire, especially women’s dress pants. Skirts are great too, but there’s something about womens dress pants that give off that professional vibe. Put your best self forward and make a good first impression by dressing the part. You can’t go wrong with a pair of straight-leg dress pants, a nice blouse, a blazer, and some flats.

No matter the goal of your video, whether you’re employing professional help, or making it yourself — preparation is the key to creating something impactful. With careful planning, your business video will tell your story clearly and effectively.