How To Protect Business Assets in Times of Uncertainty

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has ushered the world into a period of unprecedented uncertainty across all aspects of life. Many businesses have been significantly affected by the outbreak and are adopting various strategies to stay afloat during these times. Consequently, protecting vital company assets is a top priority that every business owner should keep in mind nowadays.

With break-ins and cyber theft becoming more prevalent, you must secure your operations even more to give your business a better chance of recovering from the pandemic’s devastating economic effects. Below are specific tips to secure your business assets during uncertain times.

Secure your business website.


Your business website remains one of your company’s most essential assets, making its security a topmost priority. Uncertain times create the perfect atmosphere for vulnerabilities, and hackers exploit these periods by directing more hack attempts towards several organizations across industries. Therefore, secure your business website during precarious times to provide full protection for your website’s visitors. Using a secure IP address is a good idea for website protection. They’re more secure for processing any cash transactions and handling sensitive customer data. Clean IPv4 addresses are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive on the market, necessitating that you find reliable vendors who can deliver good IP addresses. Trusted IPv4 address retailers such as IPv4 Connect can provide useful solutions.

IPv4 Connect is a reputable buyer and seller of 1Pv4 address blocks to clients globally. They understand clients’ needs to buy IPv4 address spaces that are clean and verified by the Regional Internet Registry. As such, these brokers research and review each address block for sale in RIPE, APNIC, and ARIN regions to ensure that their spaces are clean. Any blacklisted address spaces are cleaned before being listed for sale on their website. Also, their team removes routing records before you take ownership of your new address block. What’s more, IPv4 is a leading brand in the buying and selling of IPv4 address blocks, helping several global brands like Cable One and Zoom acquire theirs safely.

Self-storage for business continuity.

Organizations of all sizes have business continuity plans in place to protect their enterprises for good reasons. Comprehensive business continuity plans are typically designed to facilitate disaster recovery and businesses’ smooth running after any type of disaster. Self-storage facilities have emerged as an essential component of many companies’ emergency preparedness plans, especially in these coronavirus times. These facilities allow you to store your organizations’ valuables off-site, securing them against break-ins. Finding the right storage provider is undoubtedly necessary to ensure your business assets are kept safe. Reliable storage providers such as U.S Self Storage can assist with these challenges.

U.S Self Storage is a recognized leader in the storage rental industry that provides reliable storage solutions to clients countrywide. Businesses are regular customers, as these organizations seek safe storage facilities that can keep their belongings safe if a natural disaster strikes. It’s essential to know the various natural disasters and how self storage can help. Tornadoes, earthquakes, wildfires, mudslides, hurricanes, among others, can damage your company’s buildings, essential documents, and other physical assets like equipment and additional inventory.

Therefore, moving these important belongings into self-storage can give you valuable peace of mind during a natural disaster. Additionally, keeping your company valuables in self-storage units during this COVID era secures them from theft and possible damage from the elements. What’s more, U.S Self Storage’s rental charges are monthly, ensuring that clients access short-term storage options on a non-committal basis.

Manage your organizations’ reputation.

Several business experts agree that a good reputation is a valuable intangible business asset that companies must always prioritize during uncertain times. Such periods demand leadership that retains the confidence and loyalty of your workers, suppliers, and customers. Therefore, always handle your short-term response to crises with an eye on the long-term for the best results.

For example, during this COVID-19 era, organizations can invest in keeping all their current staff on the payroll for the foreseeable future. Also, offering more refunds and being increasingly flexible can boost your reputation in the public eye. For this reason, retailers like Apple have extended the returns period for products purchased in stores during the lockdown and have received positive PR for this.

Giving back to the community is also an effective means of boosting your organizations’ reputation, whether in certain or uncertain times. Donations to the elderly and encouraging volunteerism among employees are some practical ways of helping out.

Philanthropists are widely appreciated in society, irrespective of their origins. Reputable Texas billionaires such as Laura and John Arnold are excellent examples of revered philanthropists in society. John Arnold is a former hedge fund manager who dealt in energy trading through his firm Centaurus Advisors, LLC. Their foundation seeks to maximize opportunity and minimize injustice by investing in lasting solutions for criminal justice, pension reform, policing, higher education, among other societal issues.

In conclusion, periods of uncertainty demand even more stringent protection for company assets, ensuring they successfully survive the turmoil. The above-listed points help modern businesses secure their organizations’ assets for the best results.