6 Business Ideas for Ambitious Creatives

You can’t force creativity. If you identify as a creative person, you were probably born with a knack for imaginative thinking and problem solving. Not everyone has access to his or her creativity, especially as an adult. You should understand that you have a responsibility to foster that gift and give yourself different avenues to allow it to blossom.

What if instead of just practicing creativity for creativity’s sake, you turned it into a way to generate a profit? Why not allow your creativity and ambition to meet and create something incredible and financially fulfilling? Here are six business ideas for ambitious creatives.

Buying and Flipping Cars

You’ve heard of flipping houses, but what about flipping cars? Thanks to import and export laws, it’s possible for you to buy cars in Nigeria or other countries through automotive auctions and then have them shipped to the United States. This lets you access an even wider inventory and helps you get cars for a fraction of what you’d pay here. Then, you can use your creative thinking to fix them up and add some fresh paint.

After your renovation is done, you can sell them to people in America who just don’t want to deal with the import and export process. Little do they know that many websites like Auto Auction Mall will actually help you navigate that process, meaning you get to cash in on their laziness!

Wedding Photographer

If you’ve always been a shutterbug, maybe it’s time to take that passion to the next level by pursuing a career in photography. People want their wedding photos to be works of art. Who can blame them? It’s only one of the most important days of their lives.

Create a website with samples of your work. Ask your friends if you can photograph them for free as sample pictures for your business. Big photography companies can get lazy when it comes to creativity. You can offer your clients unique ideas for their photos at a fraction of the price while you’re starting out, making your new business quite competitive.


Writing can be incredibly rewarding, and if you have a unique voice and fun perspective, you can make money online as a blogger. It all starts with great content, so write about something you’re truly passionate about. Your excitement is sure to catch on to your readers. Then you have to monetize.

Websites like WordPress will host your blog and monetize it with ads for you, or you can consider becoming an affiliate marketer through Amazon. All you have to do is include Amazon links to your blog, and then if someone makes a purchase after following that link, you’ll get a cut of the money. It’s an easy way to do what you love and profit financially.


Are you a crafty creative? High-quality crafts can sell like hotcakes if you make them available worldwide. To do this, you can sell your crafts on Etsy. Make something cute and unique. You might even get featured on Etsy if you do well enough.


Even in the age of COVID-19, musicians can share their work with adoring fans online. Using professional live stream production services can help you ensure your viewers have a great experience and help you improve the quality to the point that fans would pay to watch you perform.

If you already have a bit of a fan base, they’ll be able to share the link of your stream with their friends all over the world. You might find that your popularity grows considerably overnight all because of a quality live-streamed concert.

Vintage Reseller

Have you always had an eye for retro clothes and styles? Why not turn a profit after you go out thrifting on a weekend? If it’s already part of your weekly routine, it will be an easy transition into having an online business. There are many online apps that can help you manage your resale business on Amazon. These tools would allow you to tap into a wider customer base and use a trusted platform to sell your vintage clothes.